Cheddar Reservoir Fishing Update November 2018

Cheddar Reservoir Fishing Update November 2018

Fishing at Cheddar Reservoir has been nothing short of optimistic this year. Having seen an increase in smaller fish (along with constant catches of big’uns) the future is looking promising for the fish stock of this fishery. They’ve provided us with a brief update to assist you in having a successful session:

Tench at Cheddar Reservoir

After a slow start the summer tench fishing returned to it’s recent best. Plenty of 6lb plus fish have been caught from the Axbridge section, towards the yacht club. When the water level dropped back, they pushed towards the Axbridge tower. With the ideal weather conditions, good sport continued well into August when a whole new generation of tench started to get caught. Lots of fish of 2lb and under are now the norm ensuring a promising future for the fishery.

Catching well: Red maggot ,caster and sweetcorn fished over red ground bait is the most productive tactic.

Roach Fishing at Cheddar Reservoir

The roach are making a good comeback after some lean years. Fish up to 2lb were being picked up while tench fishing, with plenty of smaller fish on lighter tackle with slow sinking maggot.

Catching well: Whatever the tench anglers are using, along with light tackle and slow sinking maggot.

Perch at Cheddar Reservoir

An explosion of small perch this year making it ideal for novices and those who just want to see the float go under every cast. Some larger fish are present but lures are best to pick these out.

Catching well: Lures for the larger fish, but for contact action, a float and standard coarse tactics.

Pike Fishing at Cheddar Reservoir

Dead baiting season is now under-way with great results coming from the south bank. Fish up to 18lb coming to sea baits at various distances with up to 10 pike in a session! Now is the time to take advantage of the low water. Due to the sudden cold weather, most of the food is up that end and the pike aren’t long behind them.

Catching well: Sea Dead Baits at various distances.

There will be 3 pike matches for 2019; Dead Bait Singles in January, Dead Bait Pairs in February and a Lure Competition in May. Please check the website for dates that will shortly to be announced.

Why not take advantage of the sudden cold spell and try pike fishing out for yourself? Book your session online now.